A - Z Directory

Looking for something at the University of Toronto? Use our A-Z directory to search for academic and administrative units across our three distinct campuses. Please note that location indicates the physical office and not necessarily the areas served.

Unit Location
Paediatrics, Department of UTSG
Parents & Families of Students OS
Parking Services UTSG
Peace, Conflict and Justice, Trudeau Centre for UTSG
Petro Jacyk Central & East European Resource Centre UTSG
Pharmacology and Toxicology, Department of UTSG
Pharmacy, Leslie Dan Faculty of UTSG
Philosophy, Department of UTM
Philosophy, Department of UTSG
Philosophy, Department of UTSC
Phone Directory OS
Physical Education, Athletics & Recreation, Department of UTM
Physical and Environmental Sciences, Department of UTSC
Physical & Environmental Sciences, Department of UTSC
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation UTSG
Physical Therapy, Department of UTSG
Physics, Department of UTSG
Physics Library UTSG
Physiology, Department of UTSG
Planetary Sciences, Centre for UTSC
Planning and Budget, Office of UTSG
Plant Cellular and Molecular Processes Group UTSC
Political Science, Department of UTM
Political Science, Department of UTSG
Political Science, Department of UTSC
Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies UTSG
Postgraduate Medical Education UTSG
President, Office of the UTSG
PRiME (Precision Medicine) UTSG
Procurement UTM
Procurement Services UTSG
Professional Accounting Centre UTM
Professional Graduate Programs Centre UTM
Programs of Study OS
Property Management UTSG
Psychiatry, Department of UTSG
Psychological Clinical Science, Graduate Department of UTSC
Psychology, Department of UTM
Psychology, Department of UTSG
Psychology, Department of UTSC
Public Health Policy, Division of UTSG
Pulp and Paper Centre UTSG