A - Z Directory

Looking for something at the University of Toronto? Use our A-Z directory to search for academic and administrative units across our three distinct campuses. Please note that location indicates the physical office and not necessarily the areas served.

Unit Location
Campus Community Police UTSC
Campus Community Police (St. George) UTSG
Campus & Facilities Planning UTSG
Campus Moving UTSG
Campus Tours UTSG
Campus Wireless Network OS
Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA) UTSG
Capital Markets Institute UTSG
Cardiovascular Sciences Collaborative Program UTSG
Career Centre UTSC
Career Exploration and Education UTSG
Careers at U of T UTSG
Caretaking/Cleaning UTSC
Cell & Systems Biology, Department of UTSG
Centre de Recherches en Éducation Franco-Ontarienne UTSG
Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives UTSG
Centre for Advanced Coatings Technologies UTSG
Centre for Advanced Diffusion-Wave Technologies UTSG
Centre for Advanced Nanotechnology UTSG
Centre for Ambulatory Care Education (CACE) OC
Centre for the Analysis of Genome Evolution and Function (CAGEF) UTSG
Centre for Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Engineering (CARTE) UTSG
Centre for Biological Timing and Cognition (CBTC) UTSG
Centre for Child Nutrition and Health UTSG
Centre for Collaborative Drug Research UTSG
Centre for Community Partnerships UTSG
Centre for Comparative Literature UTSG
Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies UTSG
Centre for Critical Development Studies (CCDS) UTSC
Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies UTSG
Centre for Diversity in Counselling and Psychotherapy UTSG
Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies UTSG
Centre for Educational Research on Languages and Literacies UTSG
Centre for Ethics UTSG
Centre for Ethnography UTSC
Centre for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies UTSG
Centre for Faculty Development OC
Centre for Forensic Science and Medicine UTSG
Centre for French and Linguistics UTSC
Centre for Global Change Science UTSG
Centre for Global Engineering UTSG
Centre for Global Social Policy UTSG
Centre for Healthcare Engineering UTSG
Centre for Indigenous Studies UTSG
Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources UTSG
Centre for Innovation in Accounting Education UTSG
Centre for Innovation Law and Policy UTSG
Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies UTSG
Centre for Integrative Medicine OC
Centre for International Experience UTSG
Centre for Interprofessional Education OC
Centre for Landscape Research UTSG
Centre for Leadership and Diversity UTSG
Centre for Learning, Leadership & Culture UTSG
Centre for the Legal Profession UTSG
Centre for Maintenance Optimization and Reliability Engineering UTSG
Centre for Media, Culture and Education UTSG
Centre for Medieval Studies UTSG
Centre for Motor Control UTSG
Centre for the Neurobiology of Stress UTSC
Centre for Planetary Sciences UTSC
Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety UTSG
Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Control UTSG
Centre for Quantum Materials UTSG
Centre for Research and Innovation Support (CRIS) UTSG
Centre for Resilience of Critical Infrastructure UTSG
Centre for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education UTSG
Centre for South Asian Civilizations UTM
Centre for South Asian Studies UTSG
Centre for Southeast Asian Studies UTSG
Centre for Sport Policy Studies UTSG
Centre for the Study of France and the Francophone World UTSG
Centre for the Study of Korea UTSG
Centre for the Study of Pain UTSG
Centre for the Study of Students in Postsecondary Education (CSS) UTSG
Centre for the Study of the United States UTSG
Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation UTSG
Centre for Urban and Community Studies UTSG
Centre for Urban Health Initiatives UTSG
Centre for Urban Schooling UTSG
Centre for Women's Studies in Education UTSG
Chancellor, Office of the UTSG
Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Department of UTSG
Chemical and Physical Sciences, Department of UTM
Chemistry, Department of UTSG
Chemistry Library, A.D. Allen UTSG
Chestnut Conference Centre UTSG
Chestnut Residence UTSG
Chestnut Summer Accommodations UTSG
Child Care Resources UTM
Child Care Services UTSG
Cinema Studies Institute UTSG
Cities, School of UTSG
Citizen Lab UTSG
Civil Engineering, Department of UTSG
Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics and Board Effectiveness UTSG
Classics, Department of UTSG
Clinical Public Health, Division of UTSG
Closure Due to Adverse Weather OS
Coalition for Research in Women’s Health UTSG
Community Engagement UTM
Community Resources Information UTSC
Community Safety Office UTSG
Comparative Education Service UTSG
Comparative, International and Development Education Centre UTSG
Comparative Program on Health and Society UTSG
Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Department of UTSC
Computer Science, Department of UTSG
Computer Science Laboratory Support UTSG
Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Department of UTM
Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences UTSG
Conference & Catering Services UTSG
Conference & Events Services UTM
Conflict Resolution Centre (CRC) for Graduate Students UTSG
Contacts OS
Continuing Education and Professional Development UTSG
Continuing Studies, School of UTSG
Convocation Hall UTSG
Convocation, Office of UTSG
Culinaria Research Centre UTSC
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Department of UTSG