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An experience at Canada's leading research university wouldn't be complete without some research experience. Beginning in second year, undergraduate students can work on research projects with U of T professors, for course credit.

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‘The longest-lasting injury’: U of T marks Orange Shirt Day, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

The University of Toronto community gathered in-person and virtually Friday to commemorate Orange Shirt Day and the second annual National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – and to reflect on Canada’s treatment of Indigenous Peoples and the lasting impact of the residential school system on Indigenous communities.

As many as 100 people – most wearing orange shirts – attended a ceremony at Hart House on the St. George campus that was streamed live over YouTube, where hundreds more watched.   


‘It’s a really cool place’: U of T Mississauga students get hands-on experience in new robotics teaching lab

Laura Maldonado beams as she describes her first day learning in U of T Mississauga’s Undergraduate Robotics Teaching Laboratory.


As demand for EVs grows, student researcher explores social and ecological risks of lithium 'gold rush'

Lithium may be the lightest of all metals, but demand for it has been extremely heavy in recent years.

That’s because lithium is a major player in the transition to clean energy: a critical component of the batteries that power smartphones, laptops and, critically, electric vehicles (EVs.) Most of the world’s supply is currently mined in South America, but a global “gold rush” is on to find new sources – such as Canada, where several new mining projects are in the exploration phase.