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“Toronto is its own kind of urban laboratory – it’s incredibly diverse – and so using those skills you are learning in school and then applying them in practice was a superbly valuable experience.”

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Amelia Eaton

Fresh takes: U of T alumna organizes undergraduate research conference at the Centre for Ethics

For 15 years, the University of Toronto’s Centre for Ethics has served as a nexus for research and discourse on the ethical aspects of virtually every subject imaginable – from artificial intelligence to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yet, today’s scholars of ethics aren’t only looking at new problems. They’re also questioning the very foundations of what many think of as received wisdom. 


Dental resident draws on military background to treat complex cases

As a dentist in the Canadian Armed Forces, Jesse Barker had to think on his feet – a skill that's coming in handy during graduate dental training in the University of Toronto's Faculty of Dentistry.

“The skills you learn in military basic training help you so much as a student,” says Barker, a first-year student in the faculty’s prosthodontics graduate specialty program. “As a dental student and member of the military, you have to take care of yourself, be diligent, focused and organized, and have good habits and values.” 

Stephanie Dixon

Stephanie Dixon, a decorated Paralympian, embarks on new journey as U of T grad student

When the 2020 Paralympic Games wrapped up earlier this month, Stephanie Dixon, Canada’s chef de mission at the Games in Tokyo, had just enough time to change out of her Team Canada gear before embarking on a new quest: a master’s degree in kinesiology at the University of Toronto.

Born without her right leg and hip and with a medical condition known as omphalocele, Dixon started swimming at the age of two. She was 13 when she began competitive swimming and 14 when she joined Canada's national Paralympic team.