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U of T is at Collision

Open laptop with the words "University of Toronto Collision April 20-22, 2021" on screen.

Join 40,000 people as they connect online for Collision 2021 – one of the largest tech conferences in North America. This year, U of T is hosting a virtual Masterclass, where our innovation ecosystem leaders will reveal how to plug into research opportunities, adopt bleeding-edge technologies, connect with startups and more.

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Collision speaker series

Allen Lau in front of a whiteboard with the Wattpad logo.

Prepare to be inspired by Allen Lau and Geoffrey Hinton at Collision 2021. Lau, a U of T alum and co-founder and CEO of Wattpad, is helping entertain and connect the world through stories. Celebrated as the godfather of AI, Hinton, a University Professor Emeritus, continues to push the boundaries of deep learning.

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Explore U of T’s innovative startups with their world-class strengths ranging from advanced materials and manufacturing to regenerative medicine and AI.

Ali Punjani sits in front of a computer screen displaying a 3D image of a protein molecule that was modelled using Structura Biotechnology’s cryoSPARC platform
April 26
University of Toronto startup Structura Biotechnology builds novel software for cryo-electron microscopy which aims to help scientists understand the structure and function of protein molecules.
MedEssist Founder Michael Do with a patient at a pharmacy.
April 16
U of T health-care startup MedEssist makes patient management software to modernize pharmacies, helping deliver population-scale health initiatives.
Prototype portable diagnostic devices made by LSK Technologies Inc. are about the size of a toaster.
June 16
Portable diagnostic devices built by U of T startup LSK Technologies Inc. can diagnose viral diseases on the spot, even in remote areas.
Marc Fiume sits in front of computer monitors displaying the logo of his genomics software startup, DNAstack.
June 24
DNAstack creates genomics software that makes it easier to share data, helping scientists find faster solutions to conditions like autism and COVID-19.
An array of colourful fabric face masks, representing how Indaggo helps organizations obtain medical and lab supplies.
June 19
Laboratory management just got easier thanks to an app to source lab supplies developed by U of T startup Indaggo.
A woman holds a smartphone displaying the Honeybee Hub app, which connects scientists and research study participants.
June 18
U of T startup Honeybee Hub connects scientists with research study participants, making datasets more diverse and speeding the pace of discovery.
A man wearing a white coat and stethoscope types on a smartphone, representing Hypercare’s health-care communications app.
June 15
It takes a team to care for a patient—and that often involves rapid communication. Hypercare’s health-care communications app is just what the doctor ordered.
February 28
University of Toronto startup EcoPackers turns plant waste into compostable plastic that could revolutionize the single-use packaging industry.
An illustration of a padlocked cloud raining random letters symbolizes the work of cryptography startup SHIELD Crypto Systems
February 28
University of Toronto startup SHIELD Crypto Systems makes future-proof security software—using a cryptographic system that secures data in the cloud.
Symbolizing machine learning for lawyers, a judge’s gavel rests on a computer keyboard
March 6
U of T scaleup Blue J Legal can predict how the courts will decide.
Winterlight Labs technology for detecting Alzheimer’s early is illustrated by a seismograph-like pattern on a computer tablet
March 6
University of Toronto startup Winterlight Labs created a revolutionary platform that uses speech patterns to detect early signs of brain disorders.
A small boy wearing Trexo Robotics assistive technology smiles as a helper shows him a tablet display
March 6
University of Toronto startup Trexo Robotics is designing innovative assistive technology that supports children with physical disabilities as they take their first steps.
The StageKeep dance app is illustrated with a photo of a kneeling ballet dancer reaching for a tablet computer
March 6
University of Toronto startup StageKeep created a unique dance app to help dancers and choreographers sync their steps and share ideas.
A Kepler Communications internet satellite floats above the nighttime Earth
March 6
U of T startup Kepler Communications’ tiny internet satellites are helping scientists share field data.
Just Vertical’s urban farming framework holds tomatoes, peppers and kale growing in tall rows next to a light column
March 6
University of Toronto startup Just Vertical created a hydroponic garden that allows us to access fresh vegetables easily and affordably, no matter where we live.

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