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The AI field needs more Canada, director of Schwartz Reisman Institute writes in the Toronto Star

(photo courtesy of Gillian Hadfield)

Canada, and Toronto in particular, has a crucial role to play in ensuring that artificial intelligence technology is “safe and beneficial for us all,” according to Gillian Hadfield, director of the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society. 

Hadfield, a professor in the Faculty of Law, wrote a recent op-ed in the Toronto Star that suggested Canada can be a world leader in this area since it “was the birthplace of the deep learning techniques driving this revolution and the first country to have a national strategy with a commitment from government, industry and our universities to build AI talent and investment.” 

“If we choose, we can harness Canada’s global reputation for fairness and trustworthiness to invent the more agile governance needed to ensure AI serves rather than enslaves us,” she says.

Hadfield adds that while U of T and the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence are “already home to AI pioneers in ‘fair machine learning,’” more needs to be done to break down silos between the sciences and humanities in Canada.

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