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The most Instagram-worthy spots at U of T – check out these tri-campus locations

True Blue strikes a pose at U of T Mississauga's Wilson Pond Bridge (all photos by Johnny Guatto)

With its plethora of unique architectural styles, the University of Toronto is the perfect place to take photos. Train your lens on U of T Mississauga’s idyllic nature spots, the St. George campus’s historical settings and U of T Scarborough’s newly renovated modern backdrops.

There’s a location calling the name of every photographer – and every budding Instagram influencer.

True Blue, U of T’s mascot – and part-time Instagram model – guides us through some of the most Insta-worthy locations at the three campuses.

St. George campus

Between the 19th-century elegance of Trinity College, the modern brutalism of Robarts and the edgy hybrid style of the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, the St. George campus boasts a diverse range of Instagram-worthy spots. Here are a few suggestions on where to strike a pose:

UTSG Convocation Hall with True Blue

Convocation Hall

Take advantage of the sunlight – and lack of pedestrian traffic – for a dazzling photo.

Donnelly Centre's bamboo forest

A great way to capture nature’s beauty without actually having to go outside.

UTSG University College with True Blue

University College

Strike a pensive (but cute) pose so that everyone knows you’re killing it – both academically and aesthetically. 

U of T Mississauga

Natural landscapes make this the perfect place for a rugged photoshoot along one of U of T Mississauga's many hiking trails. Be warned: Your Instagram success will always be overshadowed by accounts dedicated to the ubiquitous deer at U of T Mississauga. Here’s where to go to give those doe-eyed influencers a run for their money:

Bridge at UTM with True Blue

Wilson Pond Bridge

Don your most fashionable hiking boots for a picturesque swamp-chic photoshoot.

True Blue at UTM Kaneff

Kaneff Centre

Take advantage of the Kaneff Centre’s gorgeous architectural backdrop.

True Blue and UTM Eagle at UT Middle Road

Middle Road

Stroll down U of T Mississauga's Middle Road for the perfect squad photo.  (That is the UTM Eagle with True Blue.)

U of T Scarborough

Over the past decade, U of T Scarborough has undergone an architectural revamp, transforming the campus into a hub of sleek, modern buildings. Whether you prefer to emphasize the old-school campus staples or the new gleaming glass structures, here are some of the campus’ most Instagram-worthy locations:


UTSC Boiler stacks with True Blue

Humanities Wing boiler stacks 

Look ‘smoking’ in front of the iconic U of T Scarborough boiler stacks.  

The Terrace

Play peek-a-boo with the camera while enjoying a walk through the Terrace, the Science Wing patio.

Meeting Place

Strike a pose with friends (or solo) against the Meeting Place’s scenic skylight and checked tiles.