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A U of T holiday gift guide

U of T's Happy Pops under the Christmas tree

Been putting off holiday shopping? Need ideas for last minute holiday gifts? Students and alumni from across the University of Toronto are creating new and exciting products that can fit everyone on your list. 

For the sweets lover: Think ice pops are only for the summer? Think again. Happy Pops ice pops are handcrafted in Toronto using all-natural ingredients. With a multitude of flavours, and at only 50–75 calories each, they make the perfect gift or desert for your holiday party. For those who want to indulge, they also have ice cream bars in festive flavours including peppermint, chestnut and cranberry-white chocolate cheesecake. 

For the health buff: Slouch no more and take work stress away with Posture Performance Apparel by Adrenalease. Using patented reflex bands technology, their Posture Performance garments engage your shoulder muscles and reinforce healthy correct posture. Get their Posture Shirt, Posture Tank or the new Posture Bra for your loved one this Christmas or to help fulfill your New Year’s resolution.  Take advantage of their Christmas 20 per cent off sale and use coupon code "SAVE20."

For the restless: Give someone the gift of sleep this Christmas. Somnitude develops eyewear designed to promote sleep. The glasses are infused with a specialized pigment that filters 99 per cent of the blue light that causes sleep disruption. Made from a lightweight, shatter resistant polycarbonate material – the glasses are ideal for those who work on their laptops or use their phone at night. The glasses promote sleep the natural way, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your day.


For the snowbirds: If you are escaping the cold this Christmas and heading to the beach, QTemp is a perfect holiday gift for you, your friends and family. Created by Comfable, the QTemp pairs with your phone and lets you know when and how to seek sun protection based on your skin type and the environment. Even if you are staying in the cold, QTemp can help you to stay safe in the sun while enjoying winter sports. 

For the charitable: Noemi and Cory are 8-year-old girls from a remote Indigenous community in Mindanao, Philippines. Their school has a board, a chalk and whatever the teacher can find in the community. For $20 you can enhance the learning experience of 20 kids with a kit to teach them how to purify water. The goal of Pueblo Science is to inspire children like Noemi and Cory to turn their childhood curiosity into a passion for lifelong learning and discovery that could break them out of the cycle of poverty.

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