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U of T Talks: Anne Kingston and Jessica Johnson on the #MeToo movement (video)

University of Toronto students had the opportunity this fall to study the #MeToo social movement.

Anne Kingston, a senior writer and columnist for Maclean’s magazine, and Jessica Johnson, executive editor of The Walrus, are teaching #MeToo and the Media, a course at the University of St. Michael’s College that’s designed to help students develop an analytic understanding of the movement and the cultural shift associated with it.

The course looks at contemporary cases, including those of Canadian broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi and media mogul Harvey Weinstein, while also examining the movement’s origins, public conversations, controversies and evolution.

"#MeToo [as a hashtag] started with the Weinstein story, which was so explosive, but, in a way, what happened after Weinstein on social media and with the #MeToo hashtag really was the culmination of so many media stories that had gone back,” said Kingston.

In this video, Kingston and Johnson speak about #MeToo and its impact.

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