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#UofTGrad16: 10 best places for Convocation photos

University of Toronto mascot True Blue stands outside Convocation Hall

True Blue shows the best spots for convocation pics (All photos by Johnny Guatto)

Ever wonder what it’s like to be hounded by paparazzi? Convocation could clear that right up for you. The combination of extremely proud family and friends, digital cameras and cell phones, and gussied-up grads makes an impromptu photoshoot or two inevitable.

Convocation is a momentous occasion, and it’s definitely worth capturing an image or two to represent the achievement that is graduating from the University of Toronto.   

So, whether you’re notoriously photo-shy or the camera loves you like it loves U of T mascot True Blue, here are 10 great spots near Convocation Hall to snap a post-convocation portrait your family will be proud to frame (or at least snapchat).  

1. Who can resist at least one photo with the tents and iconic University College in the background?

2. Speaking of iconic, the University College doors make a great background. Bonus points for sideplanking. 

3. For a zen indoor foliage background, stroll over to the bamboo gardens in the Donnelly Centre. 

4. The porticos in the University College courtyard have lovely light and protection from the elements if the weather isn’t ideal for photos. 

5. For more great light and a dramatic backdrop, check out the lobby of the Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy building.  

6. The walls of many of the buildings around King’s College circle are covered in ivy. Your grandma will love this collegiate-looking portrait. 

7. Soldier’s Tower is a beautiful monument to photograph. And next door Hart House is nothing to sneeze at either!  

8. Looking to add a pop of colour and a more modern background to your post-grad photos? Then pop into Rotman for a photo on their fuschia-accented stairs. 

9. The portico on the south-west side of University College makes a perfect portrait frame. 

10. And of course, nothing says convocation like a classic shot on the steps of Convocation Hall. 

Don’t forget to tag your U of T convocation photos with #UofTGrad16 for a chance to be featured on our social media channels and our social wall in the convocation tents.