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#UofTGrad16: Ten perks for grads

A graduate stands with her parents in the convocation tent

Convocation is always one of the most exciting times of the year at the University of Toronto. It’s thrilling to see students’ hard work pay off and to imagine what they will go out into the world and achieve with the knowledge and skills acquired here. 

That said, it is also a bittersweet time for many faculty, staff, and particularly students as they say goodbye to the community they have built and the place they have called home for the past few years.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for graduating students to stay in touch with fellow alumni, get help with their next steps in life, and remain an active part of the UofT family! We’ve rounded up a few great perks and programs that our 2016 graduates may want to consider taking advantage of as they look ahead to undoubtedly bright and boundless futures.

  1. Shaker - From parties to professional development to lectures, SHAKER is a premier event series for young U of T alumni. Watch your inbox for evites to upcoming SHAKERs—all year round, U of T offers opportunities to get together with other alumni doing interesting things. Keep an eye on the #uoftshaker hashtag to learn more. http://alumni.utoronto.ca/events/shaker/
  2. Career Centre – So you’ve graduated! Now what? The U of T Career Centre can help you figure out just that. It offers new U of T alumni help exploring careers, gaining experience, finding work and considering further education for up to two years after graduation. www.studentlife.utoronto.ca/cc
  3. School of Continuing Studies – Just because you’ve received your degree is no reason to stop learning! U of T’s School of Continuing Studies offers over 500 courses to help you upgrade your professional qualifications or simply explore something new. They are pleased to offer each new graduate a credit of up to $750 towards their first course. http://learn.utoronto.ca/how-to-register/alumni-benefit
  4. Connect with other alumni and see the world through the UofT alumni travel program. Their globetrotting trips are perfect if you want to relax and enjoy the sights without the hassle of planning every detail. Bring your sense of adventure and let U of T take care of the rest! http://alumni.utoronto.ca/travel/
  5. Club Quarters Network – Speaking of travel, did you know U of T is a member of the Club Quarters network? Membership means alumni use full service hotels in prime locations and unique services at significant savings. You, your family, and friends can enjoy preferred rates when travelling for pleasure. http://alumni.utoronto.ca/travel/club-quarters-hotels/
  6. Mentorship opportunities – Feeling nostalgic? Come back and share what you’ve learned with current students as part of our alumni mentorship program. You can even host “dinner with twelve strangers” and share your knowledge and give students an opportunity to learn from each other as well as from you. http://alumni.utoronto.ca/volunteer/host-a-dinner/
  7. Faculty Club – The faculty club is not just for Faculty! Alumni can also become members of this historic club. It’s the perfect place to reminisce with your former classmates over cocktails and pub fare or gourmet dinners, host more formal meetings or take advantage of the wifi and workstations. New alumni get $200 off their first year of membership. http://alumni.utoronto.ca/services/faculty-club/
  8. Libraries – Your alumni card gives you access to the U of T library system. Whether the libraries were your favourite places during your time on campus or not, you never know when having access to the largest academic library in Canada and one of the top five research libraries in North America will come in handy! http://alumni.utoronto.ca/services/libraries/
  9. Loath to leave behind the great programs and facilities at U of T’s Athletic Centre, Varsity Centre and Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport? Good news, alumni qualify for a discounted rate that allows you to use all three, so you can sweat to your heart’s content!  http://www.physical.utoronto.ca/FacilitiesAndMemberships/Memberships/Membership_Fees.aspx
  10. Hart House Fitness Centre – If the cosier fitness environs at Hart House are more your style, you can take advantage of a half-price one-year membership for new alumni when signing up within three years of graduating. http://alumni.utoronto.ca/services/recreation/hart-house-and-athletics/

Don’t miss out on any of the benefits or events available to you as a U of T alum. We want to keep you in the know of the latest U of T news, information and events, so update your contact information and stay in touch! http://alumni.utoronto.ca/addressupdate

To keep up with the latest news from this year’s convocation ceremonies, don’t forget to follow the hashtag #UofTGrad16 and tag your photos for a chance to be featured on our channels or the social media wall in the convocation tent!