Research and Innovation

Research & Innovation

The University of Toronto is a leader in research and innovation, with significant impact both locally and globally. Our outstanding research scholars are committed to understanding and solving the challenges that face us today - and look forward to what is possible for the future.


A study by University of Toronto researchers reveals new insights about a molecular mineralization process that creates coralline algae, which grow in rock-like clusters on the ocean floor, and the marine plant’s response to climate change.

The growth patterns of coralline algae, which often form the structural base for coral reefs, can provide important information about past climate events and how aquatic organisms are reacting to new conditions caused by global warming. 

Gene editing represents a promising new pathway to treat disease-causing mutations and other medical conditions. But as with other powerful emergin

University of Toronto alumni Catherine Chan and Weiwei Li have developed a digital solution to reduce the time an


Geoffrey Hinton, U of T's Godfather of Deep Learning